About This Framework

This Regional Commissioning Framework is intended to provide support to those who work to improve services for children, young people and their families. It has guidance status and is provided for those who undertake the commissioning task. It is also relevant to providers, service users and others who need to understand the commissioning process. This website will hopefully develop effective commissioning practice.

Children and young people’s service partners right across the East Midlands are committed to a commissioning process to improve outcomes. Corporate directors and chief executives have ‘signed-up’ to the principles contained within this framework and will expect these to have a significant impact upon all commissioning decisions and activities.

The framework has been developed as a consequence of extensive regional collaboration, funded by the Centre of Excellence, co-ordinated by the Regional Partnership and benefiting from contributions from all partners. The SDSA has managed the development process, working closely with the Institute of Public Care.The framework’s enduring impact will be sustained as it is developed over coming years as a dynamic resource that responds to needs.