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3 - Partnerships And Planning

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It is important to plan how the commissioning strategy fits in with other plans for children and young people. A commissioning strategy will need to interpret organisational priorities and specify how those priorities will be delivered in practice, including how councils and PCTs will deploy their resources to meet priorities. 



Local Strategic Partnerships are cross-agency, umbrella partnerships that include all sectors of society, including public private, community and voluntary.

Local Area Agreements are agreements between public service partners. From 2008, LAAs will be the only place where central government will agree targets with local authorities and their partners on outcomes delivered by local government on its own or in partnership with others.

Children and Young People’s Plan is a strategic, overarching plan for services for children and young people, supporting more integrated and effective services to secure the outcomes for children and young people and should be the reference point for all children’s services.

Children’s Trust Arrangements bring together a variety of partners in an area to lead on the Plan elements of the Agreement. Trusts are underpinned by the statutory duty to cooperate to focus on improving outcomes for all children through:

  • Integrated governance, strategy and accountability
  • Joint commissioning and the pooling of resources
  •  Integrated processes such as information sharing and common assessment.
  • Integrated frontline delivery; skilled teams of professionals working together.

Did you know?

Nottingham City Council has negotiated substantial savings with two local providers of 3  -  5%. This has been achieved by initiating cost and volume agreements that build in further discounts for additional placements.