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5 - Commissioning Principles

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Commissioning is about achieving best outcomes and this is most effective when partners work to a common set of principles.


All partners across the East Midlands region have adopted these principles in their commissioning activity.


At the simplest level there is one over-arching principle.



The wide acceptance of the principles makes it easier to develop sub-regional and regional arrangements. They reinforce effective practice but do not compromise the detailed procedures or operating arrangements that exist at a local level. The following principles might therefore be a starting point for local authorities and PCTs to agree and adopt their own.


  1. Put the needs of children, young people and families first and ensure that they are engaged and consulted. 
  2. Provide leadership for commissioning at the highest level in the system.
  3. Provide preventative services at the earliest appropriate moment.
  4. Work in partnership to maximise effectiveness and reduce barriers to services.
  5. Ensure that people have the right skills to undertake the work.
  6. Look beyond the immediate circumstances of current service users and develop a long term view of their needs and the wider needs of communities.
  7. Provide timely information to providers and work constructively with them.
  8. Continuously evaluate current and developing services and ensure they represent best practice and have clear impact on outcomes.
  9. Spend money wisely to secure effective and efficient services, decommissioning services where necessary.
  10. Use open and transparent processes that build confident partnerships.

Did you know?

Chief Executives of health service PCTs, Corporate Directors of Children and Young People's Services in Local Authorities and a range of other voluntary and community organisations support this framework and have 'signed up' to its principles and welcome it's support for commissioning in their organisations and partnerships.