F1 - Market Gap Analysis Audit Tool
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   5 - Plan Services - Focus On Prevention

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1. Map current services against needs and the outcomes you are trying to achieve:
  • show where there are correlations, overlaps and gaps
  • show which services should be commissioned, commissioned differently, or decommissioned
2. Decide the broad pattern of service to achieve the outcomes set out in the CYPP:
  • localities may choose to express their priorities in terms of groups of inter-dependent outcomes
3. Put the user at the centre of service delivery
  • health services use the concept of care pathways to trace the path of the user through multiple services and aims to inform service redesign.

4. Use national and local research to support decision making to reduce the risk in commissioning new services  

5. Secure sustainable and efficient children’s services markets:

  • by increasing provider diversity – including a range of private, voluntary, community and social enterprise models;
  • by encouraging innovation

6. Consider commissioning multi-agency provision and integrated work arrangements:

  • multi-agency working can be an effective way of delivering preventative and early intervention services.
  • consider issues of location and workforce planning
7. Analyse commissioning implications and appraise options


DH & DfES guidance:


“Plan the pattern of service most likely to secure priority outcomes, considering carefully the ways in which resources can be increasingly focused on prevention and early intervention.”
  • Development work underway in the region to more accurately determine the unit costs of care.
  • Supporting earlier intervention and supporting prevention by working regionally, eg regional LAC protocol
  • By increasing provider diversity and increasing the number of regional providers
  • Supporting and engaging the voluntary and community sector.
  • Regional networks of independent providers and commissioners to negotiate service improvements.

Commissioning principles in action

User's needs first Strategic leadship Early intervention Partnership work People with skills Long-term view Work with providers Continuous evaluation Spend wisely Open Process
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Did you know?

LIST - Leicester’s Integrated Service Trial is working with local people and staff to remodel provision for children, young people, parents, carers and families. It is based upon the re-focusing of services upon prevention and earlier intervention.