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   9 - Monitor And Review

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1. Use internal and external processes to demonstrate that integrated commissioning has improved outcomes through Children’s Trust arrangements, practice based commissioning, direct payments, etc;

  • establish a clear data set between partners which will evaluate the progress and impact of commissioning strategies
  • use self monitoring, Annual Performance Assessments, Joint Area Reviews, SHA, LDPS and NHS targets.
  • develop transparent processes to share assessment results with all partners to inform their improvement planning
  • use results to determine which services are working well, which teams are performing effectively and why, which contract and service level agreements work well, how well markets are being developed or are changing, whether the earlier needs assessment was accurate, and how well the CYPP is being  implemented.
2. Work with less efficient or effective providers to improve performance;
  • before considering decommissioning options
  • all providers should be accredited through national schemes where this is appropriate.
3. Inspectorates, Strategic Health Authorities and Government Offices help to performance manage the joint planning and commissioning process;
  • Children’s Trust partners should also review and challenge the process.  The data collected feeds back round to the needs assessment process.


DH & DfES guidance:

“Monitor and review to ensure services and the joint planning and commissioning process are working to deliver the goals set out for them.”

  • Enhance working with regional providers
  • Market development and capacity building
  • Regional accreditation of providers/services

Commissioning principles in action

User's needs first Strategic leadship Early intervention Partnership work People with skills Long-term view Work with providers Continuous evaluation Spend wisely Open Process
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Did you know? 

Partner authorities in Derbyshire have considerable expertise in adopting the Invest to Save approach. Used where budgets are already overstretched with the aim of creating sustainable improvements in the capacity to deliver public services in a more joined up manner.