A9 - DfES Joint Planning And Commissioning
Guidance for children, young people and maternity services

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6 - The Stages Of Commissioning

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This framework provides support for all aspects of commissioning. It is primarily aimed at a strategic level and will offer most support for joint commissioning at a regional or sub-regional level. 

This framework is based upon the nine-stage model provided by central government within “Joint planning and commissioning framework for children, young people and maternity services” (March 2006) 

It is designed for people working in all sectors of children, young people and maternity services including political leaders, senior management, planners, commissioners, providers, corporate procurement, finance, legal and other support staff, central and regional government officials. It sits alongside the DH joint commissioning framework for health and well-being, and the CLG (formerly OPDM) Best Value guidance.

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Did you know? 

In Derby City, partners from health, the local authority Children and Young People’s Service and community and voluntary sector representatives have used this regional framework to develop a joint CAMHS commissioning strategy ‘from scratch’. Their evaluation is very positive.