L7 - The Perfect Commissioning Team
Think tank materials 2006

L2 - Elected Members
Commissioning responsibilities

L3 - Commissioning Self Assessment
Tool to support self assessment across the stages

L8 - Skills, Roles And Structures
to support commissioning in CYP services Dec 2006

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8 - Commissioning Competencies

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The shifting focus of commissioning will require commissioners to develop a whole new range of skills:
  • developing ways of identifying with children, young people, carers and other stakeholders the most pervasive obstacles people face in a given locality to achieving independence, choice, control and reaching their potential
  • understanding how these obstacles interact with one another to compound disadvantage
  • identifying and refining the most innovative and effective ways of overcoming or circumventing these obstacles
  • generating capacity-building models at individual, family and neighbourhood levels
  • improving models for complementing a person’s inner strengths and support networks with service interventions and responses
  • enhancing models for protecting children and adults in vulnerable situations and managing risk without constraining opportunity
  • forging new ways of engaging with other commissioning agencies and with the political process to make a reality of this more all-encompassing approach to commissioning
  • establishing and using a variety of information systems to keep pace with fast-changing opportunities and options (from Making Ends Meet)

Did you know? 

CSIP - Care Services Improvement Partnership provides significant support for organisations as they develop their commissioning approach. These include an online eBook and Catalyst 2, a framework for strategic commissioning of older persons’ services.